TRII Minutes November 15, 2005

Timber Ridge II Association of Highland Mills, Inc. Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2005


1)      The meeting was opened at approximately 8:30PM


2)      Attendance:  Present were Sherrie Briody, John Kulak, Susan Presti, and Tom Tschinkel, representing the Managing Agent, Archway Property Management, Inc.


3)      Motion:  Made by Sherri, seconded by John to approve minutes from previous meeting.  Approved


4)      Financials reviewed:  Tom Tschinkel reviewed moving money market and renewal of CD.  Railroad ties replacement project including blacktop replacement and water leak on Cherry to be paid with reserves, a total of $17,000 ($5,100 was for Cherry water line repair).


5)      Delinquencies:  Were reviewed and all are being addressed with the homeowners.


6)      Workorders:  Only two work orders are backlogged to be completed in spring, homeowners okay.  Light problem on Ironwood fixed, broken wire found.


7)      Need for more parking spaces.  Suggestion for future to possibly extend parking lot on Sycamore in one parking area to make it easier to maneuver as well as resize lanes and add new space lines.


8)      Chimney caps.  Rusted are dangerous, cover and flashing is what is rusting.  This should be homeowner’s responsibility along with chimney sweep.  Sherry Briody suggested we try to get a group rate.  Tom Tschinkel will be meeting with a chimney sweep company.


9)      By General Consent, the Board of Directors in attendance agreed to:


A)    Approve A/R for 4 Ironwood to install gutters.

B)     Approve A/R for 49 Linden to install patio.


10)  Homeowner of 25 Sycamore called in regarding difficulty pulling into and out of spots when homeowners park behind their garages on Linden.  The Association cannot help with this complaint since homeowners are not parking incorrectly.


11)  Letter sent to homeowner of 25 Linden advising that foundation plantings are homeowner’s responsibility.

12)  Railroad Ties:  Tom Tschinkel spoke with Paul Duch on property to discuss wall at 27 Butternut.  The wall hasn’t moved dramatically.  Since the cost to replace is so high, it will be addressed after remaining tie replacement project is completed.  However, the wall will be monitored for safety and replaced sooner if needed.


13)  Tom Tschinkel will check on things not covered in tie replacement quote.  Tom will also get some other quotes.


14)  We need to do ties for those units with egress issues.  Tom will address those issues with the contractor and have it worked out.


15)  Slip and fall, possible lawsuit:  Nothing happening, but Tom will follow-up to make sure it’s a closed issue.


16)  Pool:  There is concern since only one family responded to assist.  This situation offers no backup for times when the family will be away.


17)  Motion:  Made by John, seconded by Sherrie to take a break in December and not hold the meeting.  Approved


18)  TRII will meet with TRI on January 9, 2006, for another pool meeting.  All agreed it would be better to address and fix the pool issues quicker.


19)  Tom Tschinkel as well as a representative from TRI and TRII need to meet with the Town Supervisor to discuss the broken curbs and road condition of Timber Trail.


20)  The meeting was closed at 10:17PM.


Respectfully submitted, Susan Presti, Board Secretary

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