TR II Minutes Octber 18, 2005


Timber Ridge II Association of Highland Mills, Inc. Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

 October 18, 2005


The open session meeting started at approximately 7:50PM


  • Attendance: Present were Sherrie Briody, Paul Duch, Marcia Francis, John Kulak, Susan Presti, and Tom Tschinkel, representing the Managing Agent, Archway Property Management, Inc.


  • Homeowner attended meeting to inquire about sliding glass door replacement. Based on age of unit and color of sliding door, they were not sure if a matching replacement could be found.  Board advised homeowner just the outside needs to be brown.  Any brand can be used.  Price is approximately $200 higher than white colored door.  Suggested Monroe Glass or Northern Windows as two local companies that homeowners have used in the past.


  • Homeowner also inquired about garage doors and whether there’s a rule requiring that they be kept closed, the concern being to prevent vandalism and theft. Board responded it’s not mandatory, but requests and reminders are sent out asking community to be courteous and keep doors closed.


  • The open session was closed and the executive session opened at approximately 8:00PM.


  • Financials reviewed: Landscaping went over budget for mulch.  Under the new landscape contract, mulch is extra whereas with the previous landscaper it was included in the total contract.


  • Maintenance projects were over budget. There were drainage projects, tree removal/pruning, and garage door repairs, all costly activities.


  • Pool fees were over for 04/05 period but will be under for 05/06 period. Painting cost was over due to the steps on Cherry being added.


  • Snow removal was the big number. We knew it would be $10,000 over, we lost 4.5%.  Insurance is higher than previous period.


  • Tom Tschinkel spoke with garbage contractor because they wanted to increase us twice due to rise in gas prices. We already paid one increase so Tom is disputing the second increase.


  • The cost to take care of the water leak repair that is ongoing on Cherry will have to fall under maintenance other or reserves.



  • $50,000 CD coming due. Tom will call broker and get better rate and re-invest.  Board must decide on 2 or 3 year.  Board believes 3 years would be safe and suggested we peel off some from the money market and put in the CD as well.  $25,000 from money market put in 2 year and renew current at 3 years.


  • Deliquencies: Two homeowners made commitments they didn’t follow through on.  Turned over to lawyer with fee going to the two homeowners.  Ripped check from mail delivery will be taken care of by homeowner.


  • Work Orders: Not many work orders open as a lot were taken care of.


  • Homeowner requested replacement steps. Homeowner didn’t seem to understand the timber replacement project was set up to replace the ties in worst condition first with the others to follow on a yearly schedule.  It is not possible to replace the all ties without the need to do a special assessment.  Homeowner contacted Town Supervisor, Gary Thomasburger, to complain about steps.  Supervisor called Archway and Tom has tried to call back twice.  Will continue to try and connect with Town Supervisor to address the issue.


  • Homeowner concerned about water pooling in front of units. Tom Tschinkel advised homeowner there are no curbs and water does pool in front as a result.  Homeowner also requested straight walkway be installed to accommodate husband in wheelchair.  Board to address.


  • Homeowner requested acorns on grass be blown off by landscaper more frequently. Tom Tschinkel contacted landscaper.


  • Homeowner reported paint peeling on second floor of unit. May not last through the winter.  Board will discuss at next meeting.


  • Homeowner followed up on request for removal of bird feeder which is attracting skunk preventing homeowner from entering home. Homeowner also requested replacement of dead shrubs that were removed from around foundation of unit.  Tom Tschinkel contacted landlord of unit with bird feeder advising fine will be issued if feeder not removed within 3 days or board will have it removed and issue fine if it is replaced.  Shrub replacement within 4 feet of foundation is homeowner’s responsibility to replace.



  • Homeowner requesting leaves not be blown in to wooded area behind unit. Homeowner concerned it creates risk of fire.  Tom sent note to landscaper advising them not to blow leaves in that area.


  • Homeowner’s request for landscaper to clean hard surface area of acorns and twigs and grass clippings more thoroughly. Tom contacted landscaper and they agreed to step up clean-up.


  • Dumpster on Timber Trail always over full. Will include in reminder to community to use other garbage sheds.


  • Pole light not working on Linden/Ironwood. JG Electric was away two weeks for vacation.  He confirmed receipt of notification of problem and will fix.


  • Architectural Review for patio installation. Board will need to check area before decision to approve can be made.  Board will address AR at next meeting along with difference in patio requirements on Sycamore compared to rest of community which was created by one of the previous TRII boards.


  • Unit leak issues: Leak repairs made.  Homeowners are paying for their portion of costs and Association is paying for siding.  Another homeowner submitted request to Don Murphy for leak problem.


  • Discussed possibility of garage door replacement for entire community since many are getting in bad shape due to age. Could cost $50,000 even at a volume discount.  Board needs to review in spring.


  • Railroad tie renovations. Ash Court completed including two Timber Trail units that needed to be taken care of.  Green Meadows will take care of punch list of items that also need to be taken care of.  Homeowner that requested tie and railing spindle replacement was requested by Tom Tschinkel to attend meeting to address.  The tie/railing spindles in question are not a safety risk but more of an aesthetic matter.  Homeowner did not come to meeting.  The weathered tie will be replaced and the spindles will be left as is since they didn’t appear to be in bad shape.  The spindle condition did not justify the cost to replace.


  • Butternut tie replacement will not happen this year since Green Meadows confirmed they would not be able to complete before winter. Will have to wait for quote.  Tom will look into temporary fix for Butternut steps to get through the winter.


  • Blacktop done on Ash and blacktop fix completed on Linden addressing tree root bulging on walkway and planter box removal to improve walkway/front step safety.


  • Big hole at unit on Linden which may be gopher hole. Tom Tschinkel made note and will have it checked.


  • Green Meadows submitted request/demand for increase due to higher gas prices. Board suggested we pay higher price for month, but not permanently.  We need it addressed in contract so we can budget for it.  Tom Tschinkel will discuss with Green Meadows.


  • Water leak on Cherry. Hole was dug down 8 feet.  The water is coming from uphill.  The whole water line will be replaced and tie into the existing pipe to avoid ripping up road.  It will need to be 4 feet deep.  Cost unknown at this time.


  • Slip and fall lawsuit did not develop. Tom will follow-up with lawyer to make sure it’s okay to close the issue.


  • Landscape consideration to slice and seed due to lawn damage from dry summer must wait until spring due to conditions now being too wet and cold. Some grass came back so it may not cost us too much.


  • Plantings on Sycamore came out great.


  • TRII has enough money in reserves to cover future roof replacements and paving.  The Board new this year we would have to raise common charges next year to cover putting enough aside for reserves and higher expenses.


  • One board member created 4 email boxes to collect email for all communication.  That will remain available for future new board members.


  • Bills paid.


  • The meeting was closed at 9:50PM.


Respectfully submitted, Susan Presti, Board Secretary

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