September 2016 Meeting Minutes

Present:  Jim, Kevin Anna Sean

Annual Meeting – 13 Home Owners attended, 13 proxy votes received – failed to meet the quarum requirements.

Motion to use proxy ballots and present homeowners to complete voting.

Another homeowner decided to run on the spot.

Final results confirmed Jim & Sean as board members.

Sean provided an overview of the past year and upcoming challenges including the roofing. Positive feedback was received for the final approach to keep the costs within the HOA and use a dedicated account for the estimated costs and special assessment funds received each year.

Use to the website and availability of meeting minutes was brought up.  Only a few people use the site, but minutes should be made available.  Jim will try to keep up.  At a minimum, they can be made available upon demand or as needed.

Solar Panels were brought up as a possible electricity source for homeowners.  Board agreed to look into options.

Financials reviewed

Work Orders reviewed

Open issue with 23 & 25 butternut was discussed new estimates were provided, Green Meadows price was more than the original work and 84 Landscaping was better even with a discount provided by Green Meadows.


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