October 17, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Present:  Jim, Anna, Sean, Dave

Homeowner attended regarding various issues.  Concerned about the priority of work being done, board provided process to determine priority based on when issues were identified, severity of the issue and possible safety issues.  Brought up issues with lighting, board will work with Archway to address as needed.  Website was not up & lack of materials.  Jim indicated that the website will be addressed and that he will work to post the notes he has been keeping.

Budget & Finances reviewed – no issues, lawyer continues to work to retrieve past due balances.  Unit with balance of over $8000 has gone to over $10000 even with lien and foreclosure steps.

Garage Panels – an approach to using new vendor is needed as supplies of older panels are short.  Board may need to budget the replacement of whole streets at a time and use materials from replaced garages to repair existing garages until all units have been replaced.



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