May 17, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Present: Kevin, Jim, Anna

Home Owners Attended:

Discussion of roofing plans.  They had work done on their rooves and wanted to know what their options are.  Strong opinion NOT to turn over the costs to the homeowners.  Better communication will be needed as decisions are made. Website may be a good place to start.

Contract Attended: Van Etten Paving

Matt explained why Ash & Butternut would be different than the paving done on Linden & Ironwood.  They both slope and the based is worn in many places so a reclamation of the top coat that then is mixed with the new material would be best.  Board to review and discuss.

Financials reviewed.

Delinquencies were discussed – Lawyer options and payment letters were reviewed.

Work Orders

Rail Road ties on 23 & 25 have become dangerous, rotting pieces and shearing make tripping hazards.  The work should have lasted longer.  Green Meadows is to review & advise what they may do as they did the work in 2006.  29 butternut should also be reviewed.

Board asked that landscaper not mow in the rain & not cleaning up until the next day.

Paving, board would like to meet with the other contractors to see which method is best suited.

Painting contract reviewed, work to begin in June or July.

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