March 15, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Present: Kevin, Sean, Jim

Present: Jim, Kevin, Anna & Sean
Operating Expenses:
Budget Review

13 units with overdue HOA fees due (4 vacant units)
Attorney working with banks to settle past due balances and restart payments
Attorney working to settle accounts and collect past due balances

Management Report:
2016 Capitol Projects Estimates are still outstanding, should be available soon for both paving & rail road ties.
Review of letters to board & Archway
Parking violation on Linden reported, letter to be sent to responsible party
Mulching prices provided & planning for early spring clean up discussed.
Phase 3 installed improved Lighting – board decided to wait on out how they look and possible cost savings.


Dog complaints on Butternut court discussed, letter to be sent to homeowners.


Two options laid out for review, one for keeping the current responsibility and the other to add it to the homeowner, board reviewed and will discuss further.




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