June 21, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Present: Jim, Kevin, Anna, Kathleen

Financials Reviewed

Past Due Balances Reviewed

  • Unit with over $8000 came back to board with a final payment agreement – understands the failure to keep to the agreement may result in foreclosure proceedings.
  • Lawyer continues to work on vacant units.

Management Report

  • Contract for Rail Road work was approved and signed.
  • Mulching completed
  • Clean Up after work is still an issue and will be brought back to Green Meadows once again.


  • Response from home owners is favoring to keep the costs for the roofing within the HOA.  Board to discuss further next month.
  • One home owner was not in favor and brought up how to handle the scenario of owners who have made repairs, do they get new roof or do they get a partial credit. Board to discuss.


  • Monroe Paving attended and provided their recommendation, the board to discuss further.


  • Painting to start in July – proposal was discussed

2017 Budget

  • Kevin & Tom met to review possible changes, all looks good but board needs to consider the long term maintenance for roofing.  More discussion is needed.



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