June 19, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Present: Jim, Kevin, Bruce and David

Homeowner attended: Concerns regarding which rail road ties will be fixed this year.  Board provided over view of the items planned for this year. Concerns about other homeowners that are not following landscaping rules, board will review and provide notice to impacted homeowners are needed. Landscaping issues, Archway advised these will be brought back to the landscaper to address as needed.

  1. Finance & Budget – on target no issues.  Past due accounts to an all time low.  5 open units, (2 vacant, representing $53000 in fees, 1 unit resident owes $16,000 HOA has started foreclosure proceedings, 1 homeowner paying down a balance of $3000 and 1 homeowner behind one  month)
  2. No issues with work orders

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