July 19, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Present: Jim, Kevin, Sean

Homeowners Attended:

Roofing opinion and question – board provided overview of proposed approach to keep HOA responsibility with special assessment paid annually and kept in a separate account.  Option for owners who have had work done prior to the start of the work is still being reviewed but is not something that the board is leaning towards.

Painting question – wants to make sure replacement of rotting siding will be done.  This is within the scope of work.  Also concerned about flooding and rail road ties, Management advised to call it in for review as it occurs so it can be reviewed.   Dripping faucet on side of house is the home owner responsibility.

Contractor Attended – Rich from Green Meadows regarding rail road ties on Butternut.  Reviewed the work at butternut court.  He cannot get the work fixed based on the materials that were used.  Board to discuss further.  Rich needs to fix pavement damage on Ash, Rich agreed to complete this.

Financials & Budget Review

  • No issue with budget
  • Delinquencies continue to be an issue – Lawyer working to keep pressure on vacant units.

Management Review:

  • Garage Doors: more estimates are needed before any decisions can be made
  • Paving: Decision to use Monroe Paving, cost is less and the approach to completing makes the most sense.
  • Painting: First payment to be made so that the work can begin



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