July 17, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Present: David, Jim, Bruce & Sean

Homeowner Attended: Issue with basement flooding from recent storms.  Archway was called to assist, the drain was blocked and cleaned.  Board advised to check home owner insurance for reimbursement of clean up costs.

  1. Review of finances & budget – all looks good.
  2. Recommended increase in HOA fees for 2019 ($10).  This is still reasonable compared to other HOA fees in the area.
  3. Foreclosure response from homeowner with over $16000 balance – board to review – HOA would like to accept the counter proposal but be ready to reinstate foreclosure if payments are not honored.
  4. Kevin’s board position can be designated to Sue if no other HOA members run.  Kevin to return in July of 2019

No meeting in August.

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