April 19, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Present: Kevin, Jim, Kathleen, Anna, Sean

Financials were reviewed

Board discussed the communications and delinquencies.  The unit with over $8000 balance to be given one final notice before possible foreclosure proceeding to begin.  Past issues with keeping to payment agreements has forced this unfortunate decision.  The board has a responsibility to the whole community & hopes that the homeowner understands that this is not something that was taken lightly.

Work orders were reviewed & approved the rebuilding of rock walls on corner of Linden and Ironwood.

Rail Road tie work was approved for the summer.

Paving quotes were discussed  for Ash & Butternut.   Differences in prices and processes were received.  The board needs the contractor from work done last year to discuss his opinions at the next meeting.

Website was discussed, need to look at improving it.  Fix pictures and increase communications.

Board approved 5 year trash removal contract with Interstate Waste at the same price.

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