01/19/16 TR2 Meeting Mins

Present:  Jim, Kevin, Anna & Sean

Operating Expenses:

  • Budget Review
  • Reserve Projection Review
    • Roofing will become an issue down the line & will need to be considered in future meetings
      • Home Owners responsible for the ply wood and rubber blanketing
      • HOA responsible for shingle removal and replacement
      • Need to address issues for owners who replace / repair prior to the next cycle (2025)
    • Garage Doors added to the possible list of future items to consider
      • Current doors are no longer manufactured & supplies of replacement panels are starting to dwindle
  • 5 vacant units with overdue HOA fees due
    • Attorney working with banks to settle past due balances and restart payments
  • 2 units behind greater than 90 days and greater than $2000 owed to HOA
    • Attorney working to settle accounts and collect past due balances

Management Report:

  • 2016 Capitol Projects being reviewed with contractor for rail road tie replacements on steps and walls.
  • Review of letters to board & Archway
    • Parking violation on Linden reported, letter to be sent to responsible party
  • Review of engineering report regarding long term property maintenance, needs, recommendations and potential costs.
  • Snow Removal / Landscaping
    • Weather has been mild to date, no issues
    • Review of landscaping contract
  • Paving quotes to be provided for Ash & Butternut Courts (next targeted areas)
  • Painting cost more than budgeted, due to large amount of wood replacement.  Required overage was moved from the reserves to cover the costs.
  • Improved Lighting discussed, possible solar lights.  Need more information on if there are any incentives and what the break even point would be by installing improved lights.

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